The Basics Of At Home Dental Care For Dogs

July 17, 2022
Amber LaRock, Vetted Vet Professional
Dental health

We are all familiar with the unmatched feeling of freshly brushed teeth. Our dental care routine is an important part of our day, and it should be for our dogs as well.

Our little ones experience plaque and tartar buildup just like we do, so their teeth require just as much attention and love as ours. An insufficient dental care routine can not only lead to infections and pain within a dog’s mouth, but it can cause systemic health issues as well.

At home dental care can make a world of difference for our pups, which is why every pet parent should be educated on the ins and outs of the process. Vetted is on a mission to empower the pet parent through education from home, so let’s discuss everything you need to know about how to care for your dog’s teeth!

Is Dental Disease In Dogs A Big Deal?

Somewhere along the line, we were told that our dog’s mouth is self cleaning. The importance of dental health is not as stressed as other aspects of their care, so many assume it’s not something we need to worry about. Vetted is here to let you know that this couldn’t be further from the truth, and that this assumption is actually quite harmful to our little ones!

A dog’s mouth is filled with thousands of tiny bacteria that set up camp on their teeth and gums. If the bacteria is left to sit on the dog’s teeth without daily brushing, this bacteria will have the chance to multiply and form a thin layer of plaque. Plaque will soon thicken and lead to the presence of tartar, causing the painful inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis.

This gum inflammation is the first stage of dental disease in dogs, but it paves the way for a waterfall effect of dental complications to come. This could soon lead to significant mouth pain, tooth infections, difficulty eating, infections of the jaw, and even the spread of bacteria throughout the bloodstream. There is even a link to life-threatening conditions such as cardiac disease and kidney disease. As you can see, a little tartar buildup can increase the risk of serious complications down the line.

If you have any additional questions about dental disease in dogs, you can always download the Vetted app or email our team directly at

Does At Home Dental Care Make A Difference For Dogs?

There’s a reason our dentists stress the importance of daily toothbrushing and flossing. The act of brushing helps to remove plaque before it has a chance to harden, and this is the same case for our little ones as well. Daily at home dental care not only makes your dog’s teeth nice and fresh, but it protects them from the effects of inflammatory bacteria and tartar.

If you ask anyone on your veterinary team, they will tell you just how impactful at home dental care is for your dog. At home dental care does the work in between professional teeth cleanings, and even decreases the amount of professional dentals they may need. By performing these simple dental care steps from the comfort of your home, you are making an impactful difference in the future of their dental health.

The Basics Of A Dental Care Plan For Dogs

Many pet parents have been told that dry kibble strips away the plaque on a dog’s teeth. While this may be true for some portions of the mouth, there is no way for their kibble to target difficult areas like the gumline and the back of the mouth. Dry kibble will not actively prevent dental disease in dogs, so we need to implement other at home dental care tools.

Vetted wants to offer your pet the highest standard of care throughout the years, so let’s break down the details of a well rounded dental care plan below.

Brushing your dog’s teeth: Veterinary professionals will tell you that daily tooth brushing for dogs is the best way to prevent dental disease in the future. By using a dog toothpaste that assists in breaking down plaque, you can easily brush away the harmful material that collects on their teeth each day. You can either use a dog toothbrush or a finger toothbrush, but this is entirely up to you and your pup. Spend about 30 seconds brushing each side, really focusing on those hard to reach areas on the side of their canines.

Water supplements: Water additives are a wonderful way to keep your dog’s oral bacteria under control. These additives contain prebiotics that promote balance of the oral microbiome, helping to eliminate the bacteria that is known for causing inflammation. These additives are odorless and tasteless, so your dog will quench their thirst as usual.

Dental care treats: We love to spoil our little ones with treats, so why not offer treats that can benefit their dental care routine? Dental care treats are chews that often contain enzymes that assist in breaking down plaque, helping to keep your dog’s teeth harmful bacteria free.

Professional dental cleanings: At home dental care will certainly do the work in between dental care visits, but your pup will still require professional cleanings from time to time. These procedures allow your veterinary team to scrape away any plaque or tartar that persist in the mouth, helping to prevent any painful infections in the future. These procedures are typically performed anywhere from once every 1-3 years, but at home dental care can help to increase the time between each cleaning.

At Home Dental Care Tools That We Trust!

C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit: It contains an enzymatic dog toothpaste that not only breaks down plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth, but freshens their breath at the same time. It also includes a dog-friendly toothbrush that makes dental cleaning a breeze.

Finger dog toothbrush: To make your dog’s daily tooth brushing even easier, we also include a toothbrush that slips onto the top of your finger. This allows you to apply their dog toothpaste onto the surface of the finger brush, and glide the brush along the surface of their teeth with ease. This also helps you get those tough to reach spots.

TEEF! Drinkable Probiotic: This tasteless and odorless prebiotic can be added to your dog’s water bowl, allowing the prebiotic to get to work in promoting good bacteria within their mouth. Many users also mention how much it has helped with their dog’s bad breath!

Ora-Clens Supplement: This supplement contains a molecule that prevents the destruction of dental disease in dogs. It has anti-inflammatory properties that not only relieve inflammation of the gums, but it can help to support joint health in dogs as well. These options are easy, fun, and make a big difference for our treasured pets as the years go by. If you would like to learn more about our preventative care packages you can always download the Vetted app or email our team directly at