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Welcome to Vetted!

We are your go-to pet parent support system in one easy-to-use app.

Vetted helps take the guesswork out of pet parenthood by vetting and distilling down information—saving you time, energy, and costs.

You and your pet visit your vet twice a year for a check-up, but what do you do the other 363 days to ensure you're providing the best life possible for your pet? Unlike pet insurance, we provide proactive resources, education, and advice so you can be confident caring for your pet throughout the year.

Trusted advice from a source that isn’t Google? We’ve got you covered!

On the Vetted app, our trusted veterinary professionals are available 24/7 for all of your everyday (or urgent!) questions. As pet parents ourselves, we know that you’ve got a million questions (and sometimes you need them answered right away!) There’s all this and more inside your Vetted Membership.

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Common questions our vet professionals get from Vetted Members:

My dog’s stool doesn’t look as firm as usual. What does it mean and what can I do to help him?

My dog has been having a lot of anxiety since I went back to work. How can I help him to not stress out as much when I am not home?

My Frenchie’s a little territorial, what can I do to help him socialize?

My Doodle has smelly breath. What does it mean? Should I be worried?

Do you have grooming tips for my dog that hates to get his nails trimmed?

My cat hasn’t eaten for the past two days. Should I take her to the emergency room?

I noticed this new growth on my dog’s leg. Do you think it’s serious?

It’s allergy season and my Boston Terrier has brutal allergies. Is there anything I can do to prevent his reaction from being full-blown?

Hi there!

We’re Maya and Ashley, the co-founders of Vetted. We realized very quickly as pet parents that we had A LOT of questions and not much time at our yearly vet check-up to ask them. We thought that there must be a better way to understand and take care of our pets proactively, so we created it.

We wholeheartedly believe that you deserve to have the knowledge and skills to care for your pet and we’re here to help you along the way with encouragement, support, and answers.

Meet the Vetted Team

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“Knowing I am surrounded by the best team and they are caring for my pet as if it is their own gives me the ultimate peace of mind.”
— Caro, dog mom to Teo
“The 24/7 online vet support is AMAZING! Really helps to have peace of mind as a pet parent.”
— Zion, dog dad to Jelly the Labrador mix
“Going to urgent care is never fun, but because I have a Frenchie I find myself there often. I’ve already gone three times this year and saved $600 in doing so because of my Vetted membership.”
— Alejandro, dog dad to Shor the French Bulldog
“We’ve loved our experience with Vetted! You’ve helped us stay on top of our pup’s preventative care and helped ease our concerns as pet parents. It was quick and effortless to ask a question about her digestion which prevented an unnecessary vet visit.”
— Lori and Josh, dog parents to Arya the Labradoodle
“Vetted makes it easy to ensure that all of your pet’s health records are conveniently located in one place and provides great peace of mind when you want to get a quick opinion on a health issue affecting your pet but aren’t sure if you need to take them in for a visit just yet!”
— Emily, dog mom to Walter the Schnoodle
“Vetted has been a unique experience for us. With pet healthcare, it’s been difficult to feel supported or even seen past Bo’s annual visits. Vetted has provided us with an extra layer of care and attention that we have so valued!”
— Amanda, dog mom to Bo the Pit-Husky Mix

This is premium pet care, for the modern pet parent.

Become a Vetted Member today and say hello to:
  • 24/7 concierge team of Vet Pros, available via chat, for all your everyday (or urgent!) questions
  • Free emergency exams ($170-$200 per visit) at any Veterinary Emergency Group location with your VEG Digital Emergency Card (easily accessed in the app!)
  • $100 allowance at the vet—covering your yearly check-up and vaccines
  • Our easy to use mobile app filled with educational resources and tools including A-Z preventative care
  • Your pet’s digital health records all in one place plus reminders for check-ups and appointments
  • Full access to our Vetted Rewards—cash back, credit in our store, or Vetted merch
  • Savings with our partners: pharmacy, behavioral training, and discounts at preventative health companies (supplements etc.)
All for $24/month
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Try out the Vetted app for free

Want the additional support of preventative healthcare tools sent to your door?

Upgrade to Vetted Plus to enjoy all of the above PLUS curated at-home pet health kits ($650+ value). Vetted Kits are thoughtfully delivered every other month to help you to provide expert level care in the comfort of your home.

Each kit is carefully curated by our Vetted Council of Veterinarians and focuses on the five core elements of pet health: dental care, skin and grooming, digestive care, mental health, and hip and joint.

Curious to find out what is in your 6th kit? It’s our surprise box! A $650 value for only $59/month (pay yearly and save 20%!)

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As a small, heart-centered company, we are incredibly proud to have received the following awards:
Top 5 Start-Ups of the Year, 2020
Semi-Finalists in Start-up Pitch, 2020
3rd place + People’s Choice Award, 2020

Your pet parent support system, all in one easy-to-use app.

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