Joint Supplements Can Help Young Dogs Too!

July 1, 2022
Amber LaRock, Vetted Vet Pro
Hip and joint

Somewhere along the line, pet parents were told that joint supplements were only meant for the senior dogs in our life. While joint supplements are certainly beneficial for our aging pets with joint disease, they are even more powerful when used as a preventative tool. Though certain pets will always be at risk of developing painful joints in the future, joint supplements can improve their quality of life when given regularly from a young age.

The team at Vetted is all about empowering the pet parent through proper education and guidance on at home pet care. Joint and hip supplements are a wonderful way to easily and simply protect your young dog’s joints as the years go by, so let’s discuss the many reasons why below!

What Are Joint Supplements For Dogs?

Joint supplements are a powerful tool used to both prevent and manage painful joint disease in our pets. Joint supplements are often given to dogs in either pill or treat form, and are made up of an array of ingredients that target painful inflammation and cartilage breakdown. When given each day, these ingredients help to lubricate the joints, prevent damaging inflammation, promote cartilage healing, and strengthen the joints moving forward.

These supplements essentially act as a protective barrier around your dog’s joints with each step they take. Though some dogs will always be at risk of developing some form of joint disease later in life, daily supplements can help to minimize the damage and discomfort that could be ahead.

Vetted understands just how beneficial joint supplements are for our beloved pets, which is why they are included in your personalized and vet-curated preventative health kits! Not only will you get hip and joint supplements, but you will also get anti-inflammatory treats that target inflammation specifically.  If you would like to learn more about our membership options, or even gain more insight on joint pain from our virtual veterinary team, check out our options here.

Joint Supplements Are Great For Young Dogs Too!

When we hear about joint supplements for dogs, oftentimes they are being discussed for use in older dogs with painful joint conditions. While they are effective for our senior little ones, they can do wonders when given to younger dogs as well. Just as with many other health complications in dogs, it is much easier to prevent painful joint disease than it is to treat it.

Offering your dog joint supplements before they develop joint pain is just one of the many ways you can be proactive about their health and comfort. Daily joint supplements for young dogs can prevent damaging inflammation before it occurs, they can promote healing within the joint cartilage, and they can even help to maintain joint flexibility as the years go by. Just as dental disease is easier to tackle when offering daily at home tooth brushing, joint disease can be managed easier when proactive at home care is utilized.

Why Do Young Dogs Need Joint Supplements? 4 Amazing Benefits!

Now that you are aware of the fact that joint supplements are not just for old dogs, let’s list some of the reasons why our team at Vetted thinks joint supplements should be a part of your at home pet care routine!

1. Some Dogs Are More Prone To Developing Joint Disease

Unfortunately for some unlucky pets, there are certain dogs that are more at risk of developing joint disease than others. These dogs are typically facing an uphill battle with joint pain as the years go by, making it essential to offer them as much preventative joint support as possible.

For example, there are a list of dog breeds that are known to develop joint disease more often than others. These breeds include German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Great Danes, Dachshund, Mastiffs, and Corgis.

Other at-risk little ones include dogs with a short and heavy stature, dogs that are highly active, dogs that are overweight, dogs with previous bone or muscle injuries, and dogs with hereditary links to joint disease.

While we may not be able to prevent joint pain completely in these dogs, we can certainly offer daily supplements that set their joints up for success. The healthier their joints are as they age, the better chance they have at avoiding future discomfort to come.

2. Active Dogs Need Additional Joint Support

If your dog is highly active, their joints can endure a significant amount of damage over the years. Comparable to human athletes, the constant movement and stress on the joints can lead to a cycle of painful inflammation, causing their joints to break down faster over time.

In addition to hip and joint supplements, Vetted offers its members an anti-inflammatory treat that can be given to your dog in under 5 seconds. This treat is used by the national US dog agility team in order to ensure they are in their best shape as dog-athletes. These treats target inflammation specifically in the joints, allowing your dog to live their best life and stay active for as long as possible.  

Daily hip and joint supplements support vulnerable tissue and create a protective suit of armor around them. Their vigorous exercise may still cause a bit of soreness and joint breakdown over time, but just imagine how much more severe it would be without ample joint support.

3. It Takes Time For Joint Supplements To Work

Unlike prescription pain and inflammation medications from the vet’s office, joint supplements need some time to start working. It can take anywhere from two to three months for a dog to reach therapeutic levels of certain joint supplement ingredients. If you begin joint supplements from early adulthood in your dog, you will allow them the chance to enjoy their quality of life for as long as possible and prevent pain from arising earlier on.

4. Preventing Joint Pain Is Easier Than Treating It

Just like many other medical conditions in dogs, it is easier to prevent severe arthritis and joint disease than it is to treat it. A dog with severe joint disease can have years of tissue damage and bone growth around the joint, making it near impossible for joint supplements to do their job. While they may still make a difference in future tissue inflammation and joint damage, it’s very difficult to reverse the damage that has already been done.

At What Age Should I Start Giving My Dog Joint Supplements?

As you can see, joint supplements are not just for senior dogs! Daily hip and joint supplements can have a massive impact on a dog’s joint health moving forward, especially those that have a higher risk of developing joint disease.

Joint supplements can typically be given to dogs 8 months and older, as long as you get it cleared with your veterinary team first! Our virtual veterinary team at Vetted is happy to guide you throughout the process, especially if you have a high risk pup in your home.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to promote your dog’s health from home, and hip and joint supplements are the perfect opportunity to do just that! The team at Vetted wants to give you all the tools needed to care for your little one throughout their lives, so be sure to learn about the many ways you can support your pet through our membership options here.