Is Pet Insurance Important? Here’s Why It’s A Must For Pet Parents!

June 3, 2022
Amber LaRock, Vetted Vet Professional

As pet parents, we want nothing more than a happy and healthy life for our little ones. Following guidance on preventative pet care is a wonderful way to promote their overall health, but they may still encounter a few bumps in the road.

1 in 3 pets will need emergency medical care each year, and each of these situations can come with a hefty veterinary bill. No matter how well prepared you are, these expenses have the ability to deeply impact your life.

At Vetted, we want each pet parent to be equipped with the tools needed to protect their little ones in the future. Pet insurance is a wonderful way to offer peace of mind in emergency situations, so let’s explain why we believe it is a must for pet parents!

What Is Pet Insurance For Cats & Dogs?

Pet insurance aims to offer a financial safety net for unplanned pet expenses. Multiple companies currently offer a wide variety of insurance plans, each of which attempt to ease the financial burden of veterinary emergencies.

Pet insurance works similarly to car insurance in the sense that it steps in when your pet has accidents and emergencies. It typically does not cover any routine medical expenses, but it has your back when the unthinkable occurs.

In addition to covering emergency costs, most pet insurance companies will also provide support with conditions that develop as a result of aging. These plans are reliant on the pet parent enrolling before the issue occurs, and making monthly payments that go toward their pet’s premium.

Most pet insurance companies reimburse the pet parent after payment is made at their vet’s office or at the urgent care, but there are plans that offer direct payment to the vet clinics themselves. Each insurance tier has a list of benefits, and just like car insurance, pet parents can choose the best tier for them.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Based on the insurance tier you select, pet insurance typically covers either 70%, 80%, or 90% of unplanned pet expenses. Usually this coverage kicks in after the deductible is met. Most insurance deductibles range from $250-500 a year. To make sure you know what to expect with most pet insurance companies, let’s break down the most common expenses covered below.

Sudden injuries or accidents: Some of the many ailments that fall into this category include bone injuries, muscle injuries, toxicities, insect stings, eating foreign objects, eye injuries, and hospitalization for these complications.

Sudden illness that cannot be prevented: Some of these illnesses include urinary tract infections, GI upset, respiratory infections, skin infections, and hospitalization for these illnesses.

Chronic illness that develops after enrollment: Some of these conditions include cardiac disease, kidney disease, joint conditions, hip dysplasia, cancer, and more.

Medications: This can include medications needed to treat unexpected accidents, as well as medication needed to treat chronic illness.

Diagnostics: This includes most diagnostics needed in emergency situations, as well as those needed to manage chronic conditions in the future. This includes blood tests, x-rays, urinalysis, MRI, and more.

Physical therapy: Some insurance plans will cover different types of physical therapy including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and more.

Pet insurance will not cover any preexisting conditions, so if you have an older pet with multiple ailments, it’s important to keep this in mind. The preexisting conditions that will not be covered by pet insurance can be found listed in your pet’s clinical summary. These are written by your veterinarian.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Preventative Care?

Pet insurance does have many benefits, but there is one major flaw; most plans do not cover preventative care. This includes expenses related to routine vaccines, spaying and neutering, heartworm prevention, deworming, flea and tick prevention, and at home preventative care tasks that are crucial to your pet’s health.

Many companies now offer additional wellness plans that you can add on to your traditional pet insurance plan for an added amount per month. These wellness plans cover a certain amount of expenses spent on preventative care each year. However, oftentimes these plans are not worth it as they don’t offer you a way to prevent unnecessary vet visits or urgent care visits. Most of these wellness plans cost about the same as what you would spend on preventative care anyways, so many pet parents decide to opt out of this package.

To learn more about preventative care in your pet, check out our detailed guide here or you can always download the Vetted app or email our team directly at

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Every pet insurance company will vary, but the average cost for dogs is around $49 per month, and for cats $29 per month. The standard cost will also vary based on your pet’s age, breed, and even your location.

Pet insurance companies will also offer tiered options based on what you are looking for, and each plan will cover a different percentage of fees. Your monthly plan will also vary based on how large of a deductible you’re comfortable with, with smaller deductibles costing more monthly.

Why Does My Pet Need Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is an additional expense at the end of the day, so we need to see the benefits of having an insurance plan to justify the cost. We believe in the value of pet insurance plans, so let’s explain why below.

Pet Insurance Gives You Peace Of Mind

We want you to always do what is best for your pet. Keeping this in mind, having  a financial safety net in the event of a pet emergency is comforting and a game changer should the worst happen. Emergency vet expenses have led to financial hardship for so many pet parents, so knowing that you are always covered is an invaluable benefit. Not every pet emergency can be prevented, so having a financial plan in place can make a world of difference.

Pet Insurance Saves Lives

Unfortunately, many pets have lost their lives due to the inability to cover their vet expenses. Even with having emergency savings ready, a hefty hospital bill can easily creep up into the thousands. Many pet parents simply cannot afford this, which leads to them being forced to turn away necessary treatment. We don’t ever want finances to be an obstacle in the way of your pet’s care.

Pet Insurance Saves You Money

Pet insurance may be an additional monthly expense, but you will be so glad you have it when you are confronted with an expensive vet bill. Veterinary emergencies can cost thousands of dollars, and most practices require payment on the spot. Even if your plan only reimburses you for 70% of the vet bill, this can still save you thousands of dollars. Your monthly plan rate will seem like a small price to pay for the massive benefit pet insurance offers.

Pet Insurance Is Recommended By Veterinary Professionals

As someone who worked in an emergency animal hospital, I can assure you that pet insurance is worth every penny. I’ve met so many pet parents that could only afford life saving care due to having insurance, as they knew they would be reimbursed in the days to come. Pet insurance offers families a big sigh of relief, and they are able to explore all means necessary to help their pet.

Final Thoughts

Pet insurance can save the day for many pet parents and their beloved animals. Vetted is here to educate pet parents on making these important decisions, and understanding why they are best for our pets at the end of the day. You can always download the Vetted app or email our team directly at