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February 7, 2022
Team Vetted
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Vetted launches today to bring pet parents across Chicago a uniquely helpful way to deliver preventative pet care at home.

Since the start of the pandemic more than 23 million American households — nearly 1 in 5 nationwide — adopted a pet during this time period, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). As a result, Veterinary clinics and veterinarians across the country are at capacity. And unfortunately, many pet parents are having to wait months for appointments for routine care.

Vetted is a unique preventative care membership that helps pet parents care for their pet at home the same way vets do for their own pets. The company’s panel of vets selects crucial and high-quality products for home use that are delivered in preventative care kits every few months. In addition to the preventative care kits, pet parents receive access to the Vetted mobile app which includes chat with a pet professional, a digital health log, and reminders for routine care. Whenever you complete these pet care tasks, including visiting your vet for necessary annual care needs, you get Vetted rewards for being an excellent pet parent!  

According to co-founder and CEO, Maya Shaposhnik Cadena, “research shows that when pet parents perform preventative care tasks at home, they can extend the life of their pet by up to 1/3rd.” Helping pets live longer and healthier lives is the company passion. “We are devoted to providing the knowledge, tools, information and services people need to be the best pet parent they can be.”

An annual Vetted membership is just $59 a month. The company is offering a 20% discount to the first 1,000 members who pay for an annual membership.  Dr. Kate McDaniel is Vetted’s Chief Veterinary Officer who vets all the preventative care kits, content and information Vetted members receive. According to Dr. McDaniel, “we only do what is best for the pet. This includes encouraging pet parents to visit their local vet for vaccines, check-ups, and more. Vetted leaves the science of diagnosing and prescribing to veterinary clinics and doctors. We deal with what needs to happen in between those vet visits so that the pet is getting what they need to live longer and happier lives. The products, information and support we provide help people care for their pets at home, between clinic visits, the same way a vet does. “

Vetted is launching with a focus on preventative care kits for dogs. But expects that by early Summer to also be delivering preventative care kits for cats. “While service will start here in Chicago to meet the needs of pet parents in our community, we have plans to rollout Vetted to New York, New Jersey and other cities later this year” Maya said.

To learn more about Vetted and their unique approach to preventative pet care at home, visit getvetted.io.

About Vetted.

Built for pet parents, by pet parents and vets “With Love©”. As pet parents ourselves, we’ve always wished we could have a friend who’s a vet. Someone who guides us throughout the ins and outs of pet parenthood. Our pets are family, but we don’t have access to the same level of knowledge or tools that we expect with our other non-furry family members. We created Vetted to be the vet friend we wish we could have that would teach us and handhold us to be the best pet parents we can be. We’re proud to extend our membership to other pet parents looking for the same excellent level of care for their pets. Vetted is a women-founded business run by passionate pet mom’s looking to revolutionize pet care and pet parenthood.

For press inquiries or more information about Vetted, please contact co-founder and CEO Maya Shaposhnik Cadena at pr@getvetted.io.