Pets at Pride

June 3, 2022
James Mitolo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The sun is shining, music seems to sound better and an array of inclusive and colorful merchandise has just dropped from nearly every corporation under the sun. IT’S PRIDE MONTH! 30 days where we pay homage to the LGBTQIA community that have persevered, trailblazed and come into their own in a world that can at times be far from accepting. While this is a concept that should be celebrated every day in all regards, there is something very special about Pride month for any and all of those who are or love someone who is a part of the community.

It is only natural that we want our pets, the ones who are there by our side always (and who have never judged a single soul based on their sexual orientation) to take part in the celebrations with us. However, before you begin planning your pet’s pride look – take a look at the following tips below in order to ensure this Pride celebration is the best ever for you both.

Be aware of guests coming and going

You may be hosting the pregame or having your friends make a last minute pit stop to freshen up before hitting the club. Pets can oftentimes slip out the door amidst the excitement of having visitors so it is important to keep proper identification on your pet in the event they were to become lost. It is also important to have a quiet space your pet can retreat to if they feel overwhelmed – whether that be a crate, guest bedroom or area of your house that is off limits to visitors. Even the most friendly of pets can become overwhelmed when around a large group of people so it is important to look for stress signals (excessive panting, lowered ears, pacing etc.) and be ready to remedy them!

Make plans ahead of time for your pet’s care routine

During Pride events, traffic is wild and getting back home may take longer than usual. Add on the temptation of going to the next celebration and it becomes increasingly more tempting to push back your pet’s usual walk/feeding routine. Getting a pet sitter to come to your home or taking them to a trusted boarding facility could save you a hassle and bring peace of mind to both you and your pet.

Make sure any substances are far out of reach from your pet

We have all been at a party and forgotten where we set our drink, but that discarded vodka soda may seem oh so tempting to our pets. Both alcohol and cannabis ingestion can be lethal to our pets so make sure you and your guests keep everything on a level that your pet will be unable to reach. This becomes a bit harder with our feline friends (or pups who enjoy the art of counter surfing) who may take it upon themselves to jump on counters. If that is the case, be sure to keep a watchful eye on them at all times during celebrations or keep them away from the human fun.

Leave your pet at home during the parade

The Pride Parade is a pivotal part of most Pride extravaganzas so it is no surprise some people want their pet to take part in the festivities. However, if you think of this event from your pet’s perspective – it’s the exact opposite of fun. With Pride month being in June, the temperatures outside can at times be sweltering, leading to a risk of dehydration and their paw pads becoming burnt from being on pavement for too long.

Think also about the array of things that can be on the ground at a Pride parade. You would not want to risk ingestion of a foreign body causing you to take an unexpected trip to the vet. Furthermore, with the sheer number of people and level of sound is all a recipe for your pet to not have the most pleasant experience as their senses are heightened compared to ours.

Making the most of this month long celebration of those being their most authentic self is something many of us look forward to and rightfully so! Your pet would want you to do the same just please keep in mind the world and celebrations from their perspective and you will have a Pride month to remember.

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