Pet Parent Masterclass – Going to the Vet

May 25, 2022
James Mitolo

Written by James Mitolo, medically reviewed by Dr. Kate McDaniel, DVM.

You have arrived, your pet is by your side and your mind is going a million miles a minute. Going to the vet may be the one thing we do with our pets that we want to be over before it started due to the stress and anxiety it can bring onto both of us. At the same time, forging a stellar and trustworthy relationship with your veterinarian is one of our duties as pet parents we must implement in order for the companions we cherish to receive the highest quality of care. Below you will find some helpful tips as part of our Pet Parent Master Class tips on the steps you can do to your pet’s next visit your best yet.

Do not Rush

It can be easy to look at our schedule and have your pet’s check up land on the same evening as other plans, however, this can lead to you feeling rushed and on edge which your pet will be able to pick up on. Additionally, when you are trying to make your pet’s vet visit expedient there is more of a chance that you will forget to ask your veterinarian any burning questions or even worse not be fully present in the conversations they have with you regarding your pet’s health. The less commitments you have attached to the day and time of day of your pet’s appointment the better that way you can both be as relaxed and attentive as possible

Honesty is the best policy

We are human and may have the impulse to downplay the amount of treats we give them, how many walks we take them on or if we have tried a trending pet health tip we recently discovered. We promise that your Veterinarian is not doing this to shame you but rather get a better idea of what factors are contributing to the health of your pet. If your veterinarian asks you about your pet’s diet, exercise regime or any aspect of their day to day life make sure to answer truthfully. By doing this you are providing your Veterinarian with crucial information which they will then be able to take it account when giving you a comprehensive overview of the state of your pet’s health.

Safety first

Whether it is buying a new cat carrier to ensure seamless transport or making sure your pup takes their (veterinarian prescribed) anti-anxiety medication, there are things we can do days and hours beforehand to make sure both you and your your pet experience a minimal amount of stress. This may also include things such as communicating with the staff at your veterinarian that your pet needs special handling ahead of time so that they can plan getting you both in and out of the clinic in a manner that is safe and secure for all parties involved.

Make a list

Remembering anything can be a struggle when you’re on the spot. Add on your pet being anxious, you trying to take in what your Veterinarian is saying to you and trying to calculate how much your bill will be and it becomes increasingly easy to forget to ask your Vet to check the ominous growth you noticed on your pet’s leg. Once you’ve made your appointment start thinking of the different areas of your pet’s life and write down questions as they come to you (behavior, diet, exercise etc.) that way you are not jogging your mind amidst your appointment.

Befriend from afar

Pets are as different as the people they share their lives with. On that note, every pet’s reaction to being at the vet is completely different. While one pet may be eagerly awaiting to be doted on by the staff, another may be plotting their escape route from the moment they walked in. Be conscientious and respectful of fellow pet parents by giving ample space to one another and not allowing your pets to interact. You never know what either of your pets’ reactions may be given the environment they are in nor would you want them contracting any illnesses from one another.